flocknote vs email makertingA lot of churches and other organizations used to use some kind of “email marketing” tool (i.e. Constant Contact, Mailchimp, etc.). Now they use Flocknote.

Here are some of the reasons why they made the switch to Flocknote:

1. Flocknote is focused on communication, engagement and relationships – not just marketing.

That’s because Flocknote was designed specifically for the communication needs of churches, ministries, teams, schools, etc …not for business marketing.

Email marketing tools are made for helping businesses sell more things to their customers. Flocknote, on the other hand, was made specifically for member organizations (like churches, etc.) who want to regularly communicate news (quick reminders to long newsletters), capture feedback and help all of their leaders connect with the many various activities, groups, sub-sets within the organization.

So rather than having a bunch of advanced marketing doo-dads that just get in the way, Flocknote keeps things simple, giving you only what you really need and will use. But don’t worry, Flocknote still lets you know who opened your email or clicked your link (click-thrus about to be released), but we leave out the stuff you don’t need. And people thank us for it.

2. Flocknote is so simple you’ll actually use it.

Pick a list, type your message, click send. Boom. It goes out to all of your members via email, text message or phone call. It’s so easy that even the least tech-savvy of your staff will love using it.

With most email marketing tools it’s take you 10-30 minutes to put together a message to send out. That’s fine for monthly newsletters. But it’s prohibitive for everyday group communication (like “Don’t forget about our meeting tomorrow night!” or “Practice time has changed to 5pm in the gym due to weather.” Or “What did you all think about the retreat last weekend?”, etc.)

Flocknote is made for quick easy communication. Sure, you can make longer newsletters and include images and videos and format and brand it however you like with Flocknote. But we keep that simple, too. With most email being opened on mobile devices now, if you want somebody to read your email, it’s gotta be focused and to the point. So it’s quite possible that all of those fancy, long, complex email building sessions that email marketing tools suck you in to are making you a worse communicator anyway. Keep it simple. You’ll communicate more and with fewer headaches. That’s Flocknote.

3. Flocknote rolls email groups, text messaging lists and phone calling all into one, simple solution for you.

Email marketing tools are really only set up to do email. But so often email is not the best way to reach some people. With Flocknote, you post info in one place and your members can choose to get notified via email, text message, phone or any combination of such.

4. Flocknote is a two-way communication tool.

There really is nothing like Flocknote. When you send out an email, your subscribers can single-click over (through a secure link) and participate in a group discussion together right underneath that note. And they can do so securely without having to log in or register or anything like that. It just works.

We also let you send out simple polls and events that allow your members to click over and vote or RSVP. Again, all without having to log in to anything. So it’s a great way to engage your members in discussion, get feedback (i.e. listen to them) and build community. And you can do it all without building some kind of closed private social network that your members must register for and that only your ultra-engaged members will end up actually using. Flocknote gives you the best of both worlds.

5. Flocknote is made for teams.

What I’ve seen happen too often with the use of email marketing tools is that one person ends up being a bottleneck that all communication must go through in an organization. This is because this one person is the only person with access to or who understands how to use whatever complex email marketing tool they have. So all of that important, up-to-date, everyday communication that needs to happen within a particular group…doesn’t happen. Or it happens in other, less efficient, more cumbersome and non-trackable ways.

Flocknote is made for teams of leaders to all have access to *only* the lists that they need to have access to. They can log in securely from any internet browser or mobile app from wherever they are. If you want to improve your organization’s communication, your whole leadership team needs to be on board.

6. More easily build your lists and gather up-to-date contact info.

Through our Text-to-Join feature, Flocknote lets you gather up-to-date member phone numbers and email addresses, all via text message. At your next gathering, simply tell people to “Text KEYWORD to 84576” [you pick your own keyword(s)]. Flocknote takes it from there, helping you gather any information you’d like from them and getting them plugged in to all you have to offer as an organization. You can even use Flocknote as a simple member database. All data you collect can be exported to use as you like. And it’s your data, kept secure and private.

7. Flocknote was made for you.

Flocknote was made for any group (large or small) who needs to share information quickly and effectively, get feedback, have conversations and to reach their members in the most direct, simple and effective ways (email, text message and phone call). That’s it. There’s nothing like it.

Implementing a new communication tool doesn’t have to be a complex process for you and your organization. It can be fun, simple and easy to get started. Try Flocknote and find out how.

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