Sometimes improving church attendance can seem like a pie in the sky idea. Most churches do a pretty good job of counting who walks through the door on Sunday, but sometimes it’s a little more difficult to decipher what’s actually going to keep them coming back. Many churches we speak too are interested in building… Read More

We hear from many churches: “We have an older demographic who doesn’t text or email” or “We already have the bulletin, so we don’t need that other stuff.” We understand. For many, technology doesn’t come easy or simply isn’t affordable. Here’s the thing: Flocknote works great even under those circumstances. There are three BIG reasons Flocknote… Read More

Wondering what the best ways are to “get the message out” to your church members? Here are some of the most common methods…and how effective they typically are. I’m leaving off snail-mail, personal phone calls and robo-calls. When communicating with large groups, these are generally either not cost-effective, not time-efficient, annoying or increasingly not read/listened… Read More

When you think about “communications,” are you forgetting one of the most important things required for good communication? Unfortunately, it’s a very common mistake made by many organizations and often one of the key reasons they are unsuccessful with their communications strategy. They are so focused on just “getting their message out” that they forget… Read More