St. Paul’s Church in Eltopia, Washington started using Flocknote recently as their main source of communicating with their members. Volunteer Communications Director for the church, James Gimenez, says he receives feedback all the time from the older members of the church letting him know they especially like the texts from the church. “I have had… Read More

We recently spoke with Derek McDonald, who works in the Diocese of Manchester. He supports the faith formation of families across the diocese. “We were looking for a tool for the directors to be able to communicate directly with group leaders at the parish level,” Derek said. “We needed a tool to communicate with them in… Read More

A church’s job is at the same time both very simple and incredibly difficult. Though timeless truths stay the same, in every age churches are called to determine how best to lead their flocks to an encounter with those truths. The means used to reach a congregation in the past don’t necessarily work well in the present, so it’s the perennial duty… Read More

Greg Schilling, High School Youth Minister for St. Mary of Washingtonville, New York, has loved using Flocknote for his Youth Ministry events and has seen his weekly meeting attendance double through his Flocknote text reminders. Greg sends out a text reminding the teens of the meeting or event they are having that day. “After the first time… Read More

Notre Dame of Mount Carmel Church in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey uses Flocknote for all of their many communication needs — from finding Welcoming Ministers substitutes, to inter-ministry communication, to planning events. One particularly innovative use  is organizing the Guatemala Outreach Mission Trip Cristina Folan and 23 other parishioners go on each year to Sumpango, Guatemala.… Read More

Notre Dame of Mount Carmel in Cedar Knolls, New Jersey has over 2,000 church members signed up on Flocknote, as well as many ministries who use it on a regular basis. “We love Flocknote, it’s so great,” said Communications Staff Member Cristina Folan. “The biggest blessing [of Flocknote] is communicating within ministries.” Relieving the Burden of Finding… Read More

Eight years ago, St. Patrick’s Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa suffered severely when seven feet of water hit their church campus due to city flooding. So when they heard about floodwaters possibly returning this fall, they decided they weren’t going to take a chance this time. By 11 a.m., staff at St. Patrick’s sent a text via… Read More

One of the primary goals of every church – every organization, really – should be to communicate its message in the most effective ways possible. And yet, many churches still can’t even reach their members…especially in between Sundays. However, change is both possible and relatively straightforward. One of the best ways to right the ship is to know the… Read More