Throughout the month of September (2015), Flocknote offered its customers a free series of scheduled daily text messages to build excitement for Pope Francis’ historic visit to the United States. Churches were able to add those free text messages to their Flocknote networks, giving their members both a daily fact about Pope Francis’ life prior… Read More

Apps are changing our world in really neat ways. But the truth is that text messaging and email are still the No. 1 ways to connect with your members. Apps tend to only engage the folks in your church who are already very engaged. The barrier of having to download an app will keep the… Read More

Flocknote is one of the most affordable texting options available because we are priced for ministries and churches, not marketers. So not only are we much less expensive than other group texting tools, but you also get unlimited text messages. No more paying per message. Flocknote also captures your members’ replies to your texts in… Read More

You probably already know how Flocknote integrates with your website (using our embed code to capture subscriptions or using your Flocknote group’s RSS feed to auto-update content on your website). BUT NOW – it just got even easier and way more fun if you’re using eCatholic or Sheenomo for your website — which many of you are. (And if you’re not using them for your website, you… Read More

A letter from our founder:   In case some of you have never heard it, here’s the short story of why I started Flocknote. After college, I realized how many of my peers were drifting away from the Church. I wanted to help, but I didn’t know how. I quickly realized that to best help… Read More

So you’re afraid that if you open up comments on your blog, your Facebook page, or even on a note you send out through Flocknote (yep, Flocknote’s one of the best ways to have group convos), you might get some mean, nasty or inappropriate comments? I understand. So what do we do about that? Here… Read More

Wondering what the best ways are to “get the message out” to your church members? Here are some of the most common methods…and how effective they typically are. I’m leaving off snail-mail, personal phone calls and robo-calls. When communicating with large groups, these are generally either not cost-effective, not time-efficient, annoying or increasingly not read/listened… Read More