First impressions are important, and that’s no different when it comes to email and text messaging. So, it’s vitally important that you make your first interaction count when registering your members in Flocknote. Flocknote has a handy optional feature in each group called a Welcome Message (click here for where to find it). If a group… Read More

Without volunteers, most churches could never survive. Even those with robust staffs and large budgets rely heavily on volunteers to keep the wheels turning. The task of finding volunteers, however, can often be a daunting task, let alone being able to keep them coming back. A concept in business, known as the “80/20 rule” or the “Pareto Principle,”… Read More

Parishioners from St. Mary’s Parish in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts recently took a trip of a lifetime to the Holy Land. They wanted to take the entire parish with them, so they decided instead of trying to stick them in their suitcase, they would bring the Holy Land to them – through Flocknote! Each day they sent… Read More